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Smartlock API

One API for Thermostats

Set target temperature, heating or cooling mode, climate settings, and much more, using a single API that helps save energy.

Ship Fast

Pre-built UI Components

Seam provides a library of pre-built UI components to ship device UIs in minutes, not days. It handles securely retrieving device data and letting your application users issue device commands.

Seam API
1import {
2  SeamProvider,
3  ConnectAccountButton,
4  DeviceManager,
5} from "@seamapi/react"
7export const App = () => {
8  return (
9    <SeamProvider publishableKey="your_publishable_key">
10      <main>
11        <h1>My App</h1>
12        <ConnectAccountButton />
13        <DeviceManager />
14      </main>
15    </SeamProvider>
16  )
Prebuilt component example
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