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Seam Bridge

Connect On-Prem Legacy Systems

Connect legacy system like DoorKing, Linear, or RBH in less than 5 mins and start remotely unlocking doors, programming residents, and more.

Supports DoorKing, Linear, RBH, and more.
Control via Seam Dashboard
API Support
image of the seam bridge for connecting legacy access systems and callboxes
How to Connect

Install in Minutes

Seam Bridge comes with multiple communication interfaces, including RS-232, Wiegand, and Ethernet, and can connect through cellular, ethernet, or WiFi.

DoorKing & Linear Callboxes

Images of a doorking board with an indicator for where to connect the Seam Bridge

Seam Bridge comes equipped with an RS-232 connector for serial communications. Open your DoorKing or Linear callbox systems to access its circuit board. On the circuit board, locate the serial port (refer to user manual if needed) and connect Seam Bridge to it.

LAN-Connected Controllers

Images of an RBH controller board with an indicator for where to connect the Seam Bridge

Seam Bridge comes equipped with an ethernet jack. Using an RJ-45 ethernet cable, connect the Seam Bridge's port with the access controller's ethernet port. Seam Bridge will then automatically detect your system and prompt you for credentials if needed.

Seam Dashboard

Control from the Seam Dashboard

Once connected, your callbox or access system will be accessible immediately on the Seam Dashboard. Access the full range of system functions from anywhere in the world.

Remotely Unlock
Program Residents
Issue Virtual Keys
Seam Dashboard laptop
Speeds & Feeds

System Specs

Serial Interface


2x 12-V Relays













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