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Control Any

Control Any

Use a single API and dashboard to unlock doors, set temperatures, grant temporary access to buildings, tap into camera feeds, and more.

Compatible with

Control Any Device

From smartlocks and thermostats, to whole building access and energy systems, Seam supports multiple device & system categories.

Standardized API

One API to Hundreds of Devices

Seam integrates hundreds of device types and puts them behind a standardized API. Spend your days building great products—not reading obscure protocol docs.

Compatible Brands:
1import Seam from "seamapi"
3// Automatically uses SEAM_API_KEY env var
4const seam = new Seam()
6// retrieve a lock and unlock it
7const myLock = await seam.locks.get({ name: "My Door" })
8await seam.locks.unlockDoor(myLock)
10// retrieve a thermostat and turn up the heat
11const myThermostat = await seam.thermostats.get({
12  name: "My HVAC",
16  device: myThermostat,
17  temperature: "20C",
Easy as 1, 2, 3

How Seam Works

Connect accounts. Retrieve devices. Automate the world.


Link Any Account

Seam's pre-built login flows guide your users to find and connect their devices with your application.

Prompt User

Unlock doors across brands using a single API and SDKs

Select Manufacturer

Set temporary and permanent access codes for your users

Enter Login Credentials

Users use OAuth or their login credentials

Select Devices

Users can then select which devices they want to connect to your app

Device Categories

Connect Any Device

From smartlocks and thermostats, to whole building access and energy systems, Seam supports multiple device & system categories.

Image of a black smart lock

Smart Locks

Control brands like August, Igloohome, Yale, Kwikset, and more, using a single API to lock, unlock, and create access codes.

Image of a black intercom

Intercoms & Access Systems

Unlock lobby doors, issue credentials, edit resident directories, and more, across brands like Latch, 2N, Akuvox, and more.

Image of a black sensor


Get temperature, humidity, or noise level, and receive webhook events on threshold crossing.

Image of a black thermostat



Turn up the heat or keep it chill. Set schedules, adjust preferences, and much more, all using a single API.

Image of a black camera



Tap into live feeds, receive events, and more. Contact us for early beta access.

Unified Solution

Integrated Suite of Tools

Seam provides APIs, client libraries, extensive documentation, and advanced dashboards to unify your device fleet operations. Build any workflow imaginable, set granular permissions across thousand person organizations, and much more.

API & Client libraries

$ npm i seamapi
$ pip install seamapi
$ bundle add seamapi
$ composer require seamapi/seam
implementation 'io.github.seamapi:seam:0.x.x'
$ cargo add seamapi-rs
$ curl

Seam provides a set of APIs and client libraries that standardize common functions across device brands. This lets software developers implement any workflow imaginable.

Operation Dashboards

Seam Dashboard laptop

The Seam Dashboard provides a unified interface that lets your Operation and Support teams work together to manage device fleets for a large number of locations.


Pre-built UI Components

Seam provides a library of pre-built UI components to ship device UIs in minutes, not days. It handles securely retrieving device data and letting your application users issue device commands.

1import {
2  SeamProvider,
3  ConnectAccountButton,
4  DeviceManager,
5} from "@seamapi/react"
7export const App = () => {
8  return (
9    <SeamProvider publishableKey="your_publishable_key">
10      <main>
11        <h1>My App</h1>
12        <ConnectAccountButton />
13        <DeviceManager />
14      </main>
15    </SeamProvider>
16  )
Prebuilt component example

No Device, No Problem!

With hundreds of lock brands out there, it is not possible for you to own every devices. This makes validating your code tricky. To solve this, Seam provides sandbox devices that accurately reproduce real device behavior. Use them to test your code, run CI, execute scenarios, and more.

Seam Sandbox Illustration
Seam Bridge

Need to Connect Offline Devices?

Use the Seam Bridge to connect on-prem systems and avoid costly hardware replacements. Seam Bridge supports brands like DoorKing, Linear, RBH, and more.

Seam web virtual key
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