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Build the API to the Physical World

Seam builds digital and physical infrastructure to enable software developers to connect their applications with the physical devices around us.

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Unlocking The Potential of Connected Devices

Despite the rapid growth of devices, we are still hardly harnessing their full potential.

Doing so requires integrating these devices with third-party software applications that can coordinate their use.

Unfortunately, this task is muddled by byzantine device protocols and few engineers who can make sense of it all.

At Seam, we build digital and physical infrastructure to enable software developers to connect their applications with any device.

Total IoT Device Deployment (Billion):
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Our Team

Dawn Ho
Dawn Ho

At Sonder, Dawn worked on keyless entry hardware and software efforts. In this function, she oversaw the deployment of tens of thousands of connected devices on 3 different continents. In her spare time, she loves hacking her San Francisco home, reading, and finding new use cases for Seam.

Seve Ibarluzea
Seve Ibarluzea

Previously, Seve founded CollegeAI, a college prediction service for high school students,, a Techstars 2019 cloud data labeling service, and the Universal Data Tool, an open-source library and community with hundreds of contributors. Seve enjoys livestreaming coding and going for a tap on MIDI drums.

Sy Bohy
Sy Bohy

Sy began his career working at Nest. During his downtime, he enjoys going on runs with his dog, learning about computers, and being misunderstood in foreign languages.

Bunnie Huang
Bunnie Huang — Advisor

Bunnie is a privacy advocate and hacker who inspired countless tinkerers with his early publication of Hacking the XBox. Most recently, he's been working with Edward Snowden on a privacy preserving phone case, as well as advising various governments on covid-19 contact tracing and privacy.

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