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Control Any Smart Lock

Unlock doors, set access codes, receive entry events, and more—all using a single API that works across brands like Yale, August, Schlage, Kwikset, and many more.


One API—Any Lock

Control dozens of different brands of smart locks using one API. Create and manage access codes, check battery level, retrieve entry logs, and more using one unified API.

Control any smart lock

Universal API

Use a single API to communicate with dozens of different smart lock models.

Control any lock using one api

Any Lock

Seam covers nearly all available models of smart locks on the planet.

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How Seam Works

Connect accounts. Retrieve devices. Automate the world.

Speeds & Feeds

Smartlock API Features

Use a single API to tap into a vast set of supported brands and devices with a standardized set of API functions and properties to make integrations a breeze.


Create Access Codes

Grant access to any pin-code enabled smart code using the Seam API. Set start time and end time, and let Seam handle the rest.

1import Seam from "seam"
2const seam = new Seam()
4const deviceId = "6aae9d08-fed6-4ca5-8328-e36849ab48fe"
6const createdAccessCode = await seam.accessCodes.create({
7  device_id: deviceId,
8  name: "my time-bound code",
9  starts_at: "2025-01-01T16:00:00Z",
10  ends_at: "2025-01-22T12:00:00Z",
11  code: "2345",

Guides & Resources

Browse guides and API docs to get started with a specific brand and model of smart lock. Use the Seam sandbox to test your integrations.

Key Benefits

Infinite Possibilities

Use Seam's smart lock API to grant access to users, audit entry logs, and monitor large fleets of devices.

Connect Any System

Use a single API to control smart locks across dozens of different brands.

Create Access Codes

Use a single API to create and schedule access codes.

Unified Analytics

Audit entry logs, and get aggregated usage analytics across one or more devices.

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