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Tedee Tedee Smart Keypad

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The Tedee Keypad Door Lock is an innovative addition to the Tedee smart lock range, designed to enhance security and convenience. This device allows users to unlock their doors without the need for an app or smartphone, simply by entering a PIN code. The keypad supports codes ranging from five to eight digits, which can be easily set, changed, and managed via a mobile app. It can handle up to 100 different PINs, making it ideal for both personal and commercial use, particularly in rental properties or hotels. Installation is straightforward, taking just minutes and requiring only three AAA batteries, and it can be mounted with either adhesive or screws, suitable for outdoor use. The keypad's notable features include a backlit keypad for easy visibility, an acoustic signal for operational feedback, and a bell button that sends notifications. It also offers a padlock button for keyless locking from the outside. The Tedee keypad integrates seamlessly with booking management systems, automating the generation and expiration of PIN codes aligned with rental periods, thereby streamlining the rental process. This keypad is a powerful solution for those seeking a smart, secure, and convenient way to manage access to their properties.

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