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Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat Multi-stage 2 Heat/2 Cool

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The T6 Pro Smart Thermostat by Honeywell Home is a connected and adaptable thermostat that offers home comfort control from anywhere. With its WiFi capabilities, you can easily view and change temperature settings using the accompanying app. The thermostat features a 7-day programming option and can also respond automatically to your lifestyle and schedule. It is designed to work with the heating stages of your existing system, making it a versatile choice. The T6 Pro is ENERGY STAR® certified and can learn your preferred comfort levels over time, helping you save energy. It also supports geofencing, allowing you to save energy while you're away. The thermostat integrates with popular smart home ecosystems like Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo, and it can be controlled using voice commands. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the T6 Pro Smart Thermostat is a reliable and efficient choice for managing your home's temperature.

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Seam API Compatible

Control using the Seam API

Seam Dashboard Compatible

Manage with Seam Dashboard


Can turn on heating mode


Can turn on AC mode


Can turn on fan mode

Heat Pump

Compatible with heat pump systems


Program recurring climate schedules

Humidity Sensor

Monitors humidity levels

Temperature Sensor

Monitors temperature