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ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

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The ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium offers an array of advanced features to enhance your home comfort, health, and security. Designed with an intuitive interface and a 50% larger touchscreen display, it provides seamless control over your heating and cooling systems. Enjoy automatic energy savings, personalized temperature adjustments based on your routine and occupancy, and air quality monitoring with real-time alerts. With built-in voice control through Siri or Alexa, you can conveniently manage your home environment using just your voice. The Smart Thermostat Premium also incorporates advanced occupancy sensing and smart security features, ensuring the protection of your home even when you're away. Create a healthier living space with indoor air quality monitoring and receive timely reminders for air filter changes. The Smart Thermostat Premium is not only a sleek addition to your home decor but also an eco-friendly choice with its energy-saving capabilities and commitment to sustainability. Upgrade to a smarter and more comfortable home with the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium.

Color Variants:


Seam API Compatible

Control using the Seam API

Seam Dashboard Compatible

Manage with Seam Dashboard


Can turn on heating mode


Can turn on AC mode


Can turn on fan mode


Has minimal energy use mode

Heat Pump

Compatible with heat pump systems

Occupancy Detection

Indicates if someone is present

Demand Response

Supports utility rush hour rebates


Program recurring climate schedules

Humidity Sensor

Monitors humidity levels

Temperature Sensor

Monitors temperature

Emergency Heating

Can turn on emergency heating mode