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Ecobee 3 lite

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The ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat is a sleek and modern device that brings harmony to your home's climate control. With advanced occupancy sensing technology, it helps you save up to 26% on annual heating and cooling costs by ensuring you only heat or cool your home when needed. The thermostat seamlessly integrates into any home decor, offering comfort and control from anywhere with its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. You can customize your schedule, adjust settings remotely, and enjoy the convenience of voice control with Siri or Alexa. The ecobee3 Lite also offers compatibility with other smart home devices, making it a central hub for your connected ecosystem. With its intuitive interface, energy-saving features, and a commitment to sustainability, the ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat is the perfect choice to enhance your home's comfort and efficiency.

Color Variants:


Seam API Compatible

Control using the Seam API

Seam Dashboard Compatible

Manage with Seam Dashboard


Can turn on heating mode


Can turn on AC mode


Can turn on fan mode


Has minimal energy use mode

Heat Pump

Compatible with heat pump systems

Occupancy Detection

Indicates if someone is present

Demand Response

Supports utility rush hour rebates


Program recurring climate schedules

Humidity Sensor

Monitors humidity levels

Temperature Sensor

Monitors temperature

Emergency Heating

Can turn on emergency heating mode

User Manuals: