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Lockly Guard Defender 238lM Doorman

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Lockly Guard's Defender Entry/Exit Mortise Lock is tailored for narrow-framed doors, making it perfect for multifamily residences, offices, hotels, and rental units. With advanced security features like a hack-proof keypad utilizing patented PIN Genie® technology, smartphone control, and Wi-Fi connectivity for alerts and control from anywhere, it ensures comprehensive security beyond just the front door. Offering multiple access options including fingerprint sensor, RFID card, mobile app control, and secure scan-to-open, alongside programmable auto-locking and long-lasting battery life, Lockly Guard guarantees peace of mind and convenience. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with LocklyOS Total Access for property management, providing unparalleled control and visibility over property access.

Color Variants:

Stainless Steel

Seam API Compatible

Control using the Seam API

Seam Dashboard Compatible

Manage with Seam Dashboard

Remote Unlock

Unlock from anywhere

Access Code

Program access codes to unlock


Program temporary codes for guests

Physical Key

Unlock with a physical key

Offline Mode

Program access codes even if offline

Battery Powered

Requires batteries for operations