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Latch Latch C1

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The Latch C1 is a versatile smart lock designed for those new to the Latch ecosystem, offering user-friendly installation on most standard doors, including apartments and shared spaces. This retrofit cylinder lock features a powered throw and a keyed mechanism, enabling residents to unlock the deadbolt using the Latch app, a physical key, keycard, door code, or even an Apple Watch. A $5/month subscription is required for each lock, which can be obtained via email or phone. The lock operates on 6 AA batteries lasting approximately 2 years and includes an Inductive Jumpstart™ feature for emergency unlocking when batteries are dead. Ideal for buildings without single-egress requirements, the Latch C1 combines convenience, security, and flexibility to enhance access control in various settings.

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Remote Unlock

Unlock from anywhere

Physical Key

Unlock with a physical key

Battery Powered

Requires batteries for operations