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Nuki Nuki Opener

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The Nuki Opener revolutionizes apartment access by transforming existing intercom systems into smart entry solutions, enabling smartphone control for a seamless, keyless lifestyle. It introduces features like "Ring to Open," automatically granting access when it detects your phone nearby, and "Continuous Mode" for keeping doors unlocked during expected visitor periods. With its "Ring Suppression" function, it offers the convenience of silencing the doorbell through the app, ideal for moments when you wish for privacy. Powered independently by four AAA batteries, it ensures easy installation without landlord approval. Additionally, the Nuki Opener enhances security and convenience for parcel deliveries and short-term rentals, allowing for secure package drop-off and hassle-free guest self-check-in. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it supports a straightforward installation process backed by a compatibility check, making it an essential upgrade for those seeking to modernize their apartment entry systems without compromising on security or convenience.

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