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New Integration: Minut Sensors


We are officially releasing our Minut noise sensor integration. This integration lets you connect Minut noise sensors to your Seam workspace and receive noise level incident events.

To try it out, check out our Get Started With Minut guide.

What is Minut

Minut develops environmental monitoring sensors (noise, motion, temperature, and cigarette smoke) to help rental property owners protect their assets. The primary use is helping Airbnb hosts and hospitality operators prevent large unauthorized gatherings and smoking, while preserving guest privacy.

Why We Added Minut

We decided to add support for Minut in our API after hearing from many developers trying to integrate this device with their short-term rental applications.

Specifically, we were told that while Minut successfully picks up noise incidents, the notification process to alert hosts and guests can still be manual. For example, if an Airbnb host received a notification about one of their properties experiencing an incident, they would often have to manually look up the guest’s contact information in their reservation software (“PMS”) to notify them.

Those reservation software applications already have the guest’s contact info and can directly notify the guest via email or text. The missing link is an integration between Minut and the reservation software. The Minut team has begun doing direct integrations into a few reservation softwares like Hospitable, but the universe of PMS and Guest Experience software applications is vast.

However, since many of those applications already use Seam to connect to hosts’ door locks and thermostats, it made sense to just add support for noise sensors like Minut. This broadly expands the set of compatible STR & hospitality applications with Minut.

Since those application already have the guests’ contact information, it seemed logical to help them also connect with noise sensors like Minut to automate the noise notification process.

Now with Seam, an STR application can now receive noise events from Seam, and automatically notify the relevant parties based on specific conditions such as reservations, time of day, locations, and more.

How Does It Work

An application can now prompt a user to connect their Minut account just like they do with door lock brands such as August, Yale, or Igloo.

Once connected, the application will be able to see the user’s Minut devices. When a Minut sensor detects a noise disturbance, Seam will create an event for the device and issue a webhook to the application’s server if enabled. The payload of this event will be standardized across providers. We’re also exposing the ability to set noise alert levels (”thresholds”) as well as read some basic properties of the device.

Minut Seam diagram

For example, in the illustration above, an STR application like Enso Connect will receive a webhook from Seam after a noise event is detected. Enso will then look up the guests contact information in its reservation database, and notify the guest to keep it down.

Getting Started

You can log into the Seam console and start connecting Minut devices today. Simply create a Connect Weview and set Minut as the provider. You will then be prompted to enter Minut account credentials and devices will be retrieved.

Minute auth flow

Testing Your Integration

As part of the launch, we’re introducing a new trigger feature in the sandbox. This lets you trigger a noise event on a specific device to test your integration end-to-end. To do so, go to the Minut device you wish to test, click on the action tab, and press the Trigger button. You should immediately start to see events appear in the event data stream (noise_sensors.noise_threshold_triggered).

Seam Console with Minut Test Device

Going Live

Once you are ready to connect real devices, just switch to a non-sandbox workspace and begin connecting real Minut accounts. To real-life test your device integration, we recommend hosting a large number of friends into a small space and celebrating together the launch of your integration 😀

Good luck and ping us at if you have any questions.

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