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New Integration: Honeywell Resideo Thermostats


New Integration: Honeywell Thermostats

Today, we’re excited to announce our brand new Honeywell Thermostat integration. You can control Honeywell thermostats, along with Nest and Ecobee using a single API to set climates, change mode, and more.

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About Honeywell Thermostats

Honeywell’s history with HVAC systems dates back to the late 1880s with the invention of the first furnace regulator. Over 150 years later, Honeywell remains one of the most widely installed brand of thermostats in residential and commercial settings. Today, Honeywell’s business spans many industries and use cases, from aerospace components to elevator systems. In 2018, Honeywell spun out its smart home and smart thermostat division as an independent public entity, renaming it Resideo. Today, we are adding support for all Resideo thermostats.

Getting Started & Functions

Connecting an Account

To begin using the new Honeywell integration, go to the Seam Console and click add devices. You’ll then be prompted to select a manufacturer; search for Honeywell and click continue. You will be asked to log into your Honeywell Resideo account and select the devices you want to connect to Seam.

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Controlling a Device

You can use the Seam CLI or SDKs to control your devices. Depending on your HVAC supported functions, you will be able to set various modes on your thermostats such as heating or cooling. You can also use the scheduled climate setting to provision climates in the future.

Next Steps

Though our team has been testing this integration for weeks, this integration is still in beta until it hits a critical mass of devices connected to Seam; if you find bugs or inconsistencies, please let us know at

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