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New Integration: Dormakaba Oracode


Seam is excited to release our official Dormakaba Oracode integration! You can now connect and control 480i and 660i Oracode locks to create access codes for temporary or permanent access.


About Dormakaba Oracode

Dormakaba has long been one of the dominant brands in the access industry. Dormakaba has many product lines, include Oracode. The Oracode product line is one of Dormakaba’s oldest line of product still actively being retailed and, as a result, Oracode devices are commonly found across short-term rental portfolios, hotels, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and commercial buildings. Nonetheless, being an older product line, Oracode supports fewer functions than newer Dormakaba product lines such as Lyazon.

Connecting a Dormakaba Oracode Account

To begin, all Dormakaba Oracode device owners need to request an Oracode Live Service API Token. This can be done by contacting Dormakaba customer support. Note that we are working with Dormakaba’s product team to automate this process and simplify account connection.

Once this token has been made available to you or your user, use a Seam Connect Webview to link the Dormakaba Oracode account with your workspace. Provide the Dormakaba Oracode account login credential and the Live Service API token provided by Dormakaba support.

Supported Functionality for Dormakaba Oracode

At this time, the Seam Dormakaba Oracode integration only supports the creation of access codes (both timebound and ongoing) as well as reading the battery level of the devices. Seam is working with Dormakaba’s team to add real-time entry events, but those are not yet available at this time.

Getting Started

Go to the Seam Developer Console and click on “+ Add Device”, select Dormakaba Oracode, and follow the onboarding steps. Once connected, make sure to check out our locks capability API documentation for controlling Dormakaba devices.

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