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New Integration: ControlByWeb


New Integration: ControlByWeb Relays

We are excited to announce the official release of our ControlByWeb Relay integration. This integration allows you to connect ControlByWeb relay devices to your Seam workspace, enabling you to unlock doors, turn on lights, and more.

To get started, check out our Getting Started With ControlByWeb guide. You can also see the list of supported relay devices on our ControlByWeb integration page.

Introducing ControlByWeb

ControlByWeb is a leading developer and manufacturer of I/O products for industrial automation. Their product line includes relays, data I/O products, and a variety of temperature and humidity sensors.

Why We Added ControlByWeb Relays

At Seam, we're big fans of ControlByWeb Relay products. In fact, we use one in our office building to trigger a common door strike. We recently discovered that several New York City system integrators also use these relays to retrofit old building doors. As we already support an extensive list of smart locks and access control systems, it made perfect sense to add ControlByWeb Relays to our offerings.

How It Works

Applications can now prompt users to connect their ControlByWeb Cloud account, just like they do with other device brands such as Brivo, OpenPath, and 2N.

Once connected, the application will be able to access the user's ControlByWeb relay devices and issue commands to trigger the relay. If connected to an electric door strike, this will cause the door to temporarily unlock. Note that we currently categorize this device under the lock capability, as we've primarily seen ControlByWeb Relay devices used for door strike actuation. We may revise the classification of this device as we introduce new device categories in the future.

Get Started & Test Your Integration

You can log into the Seam console and start connecting ControlByWeb Relay devices today. Simply create a Connect Webview and set ControlByWeb as the provider. You will then be prompted to enter your ControlByWeb Cloud account credentials, and devices associated with your ControlByWeb account will be retrieved.

To test the integration, you can first perform tests in the sandbox environment, where we have faithfully reproduced the ControlByWeb Relay behavior as a virtual device. When you're ready to test with a real device, you can purchase a ControlByWeb device from their website.

As always feel free to ping us at if you have any question or issues using this integration. Happy triggering!

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