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Announcing our Seam Go SDK


This week we are excited to the beta launch of our Go SDK. You can now use Seam inside your Go-lang applications. You can browse the entire SDK repo here.

Why Release a Go SDKs? ⏩

As we continue to expand our device coverage, we also want to focus on identifying additional improvement to the developer experience we can provide. A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a developer interested in using Seam inside their Go application. Though this developer was planning to use our HTTP API, our team immediately began to look into the possibility of providing a Go SDK for this individual. Our announcement today is the result of this work.

Unleashing the Gophers

To start run the following command to bring it into your project:

1go get

Next, as with other Seam SDK, you just need to provide your API key to begin using it. For example, creating an Access Code can be achieved in the following manner:

1import goclient ""
3client := goclient.NewClient(goclient.WithApiKey("<YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN>"))
4accessCode, err := client.AccessCodes.Create(
5  context.TODO(),
6  &seamgo.AccessCodesCreateRequest{
7    DeviceId: someDevice.DeviceId,
8    Name:     seamgo.String("Test code"),
9    Code:     seamgo.String("4444"),
10  },

This SDK is in early beta. We will be upgrading it in the coming weeks toward a more table version. Please leave us a note at or file issues in the Github repo if you find issues.

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