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Seam Dashboard

One DashboardFor All Devices

Seam Dashboard is a single unified interface that works with any smart lock or access system to unlock doors, issue virtual keys and monitor access across thousands of buildings.

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One Dashboard

Unified Device Fleet Management

Seam Dashboard is a single unified dashboard for managing all your devices across buildings. An out-of-the-box solution, simply connect your access system accounts to Seam and manage everything in one place. Issue and revoke virtual keys, review audit logs, revamp legacy hardware, integrate with your favorite systems, and more.

Without Seam Dashboard

Image of insanity from trying to manage a fragmented fleet of devices

Without Seam Dashboard Each building has a different set of access systems and smart locks, requiring separate logins and switching between accounts.

With Seam Dashboard

Image of sanity restored with the use of Seam Dashboard to manage a fragmented fleet of devices

With Seam Dashboard smart locks and access systems are controlled in one place. Easily navigate between buildings, unlock doors, create virtual keys, and review logs.

Hardware Agnostic

Compatible with All Major Systems

Seam Dashboard is compatible with most smart-locks and access systems. Got offline legacy systems? Use the Seam Bridge to connect them to Seam Dashboard.

Images of hardware devices supported by Seam
Key Benefits

Main Benefits

Use Seam Dashboard to issue virtual access, monitor devices, and audit entry logs.

Connect Anything

Seam Dashboard is completely hardware agnostic. Connect any smart lock or access system brand and start managing all your devices in one place. Use the Seam Bridge to bridge offline systems like DoorKing, Linear, and RBH.

Share Virtual Keys

Stop providing permanent codes or forcing visitors to download apps. Seam Dashboard provides a simple way to share access to your buildings. It does not require any app download and can be automatically expired based on the schedule you set.

Monitor in One Place

Monitor for problematic devices across your entire fleet. Get timely notification of incidents (low battery, door ajar, and more), audit entry logs, and troubleshoot devices all in one place.

Access Passes

Share access with a link

Issue and revoke access, from one-time use codes for contractors to unrestricted access for superintendents, all from the Seam Dashboard.

Seam web virtual key

Connect All your Productivity Apps

Automate workflows for tenant, short-term rental, and property management software apps. Sync systems so that new tenants or temporary guests receive unique access passes on time and are revoked access at the end of their stay. No more manual work, physical programming of locks, or errors for a new stay.

Image of insanity from trying to manage a fragmented fleet of devices
Roles & Permissions

Invite Your Whole Team

Assign roles and permissions to team members to grant access to one or more doors.

Seam Dashboard roles and permission management screen
Seam Bridge

Got Offline Legacy Systems?

Seam Bridge lets you connect legacy offline callboxes and access systems like DoorKing, Linear, RBH, and more.

Seam web virtual key

Use the Seam API to Customize Anything

Seam Dashboard is built on top of the Seam API. This lets you control devices both via Seam Dashboard and the Seam API to customize device workflows.

Seam API
1import Seam from "seamapi"
3// Automatically uses SEAM_API_KEY env var
4const seam = new Seam()
6// Create an Access Pass for a Building
7const myLock = await seam.accessPasses.create({
8  device_ids: [
9    "8e44f059-7dea-4948-a5fe-50866ea00725",
10    "6e64a3d8-f473-47af-b07b-c2d11bcac87c",
11  ],
12  name: "Visitor 123",
13  starts_at: "2022-12-01T22:00:00+0000",
14  ends_at: "2022-12-02T12:00:00+0000",
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