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New York, New York, USA

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United States

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1-800-398-4416 ext. 2

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About ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX is a leading manufacturer of telephone callbox intercom systems for residential and commercial buildings. The company was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists who were determined to bring innovative and user-friendly intercom solutions to the market.

ButterflyMX's flagship product is a smart intercom system that allows building residents and guests to easily communicate with each other and gain access to the building using their smartphones. The system replaces traditional intercoms and key fobs with a user-friendly app, making it easy for residents to grant access to guests, delivery drivers, and service providers.

ButterflyMX's intercom system also includes a range of advanced features, such as customizable directories, call forwarding, and voicemail. The system is easy to install and can be easily integrated with other building systems, such as access control and security cameras.

Since its founding, ButterflyMX has experienced rapid growth and has established itself as a leader in the intercom industry. The company has won numerous awards for its innovative products and has been recognized for its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

In addition to its smart intercom system, ButterflyMX offers a range of other products and services, including intercom directory systems, video intercoms, and custom intercom solutions for buildings of all sizes. The company has a strong network of partners and distributors and serves customers around the world.

Overall, ButterflyMX is known for its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly products, and exceptional customer support. Its intercom systems are helping to modernize and improve the way people access and communicate within residential and commercial buildings.