| Last Updated: February 9, 2022
Head of Sales



We are hiring a head of sales. Your job is to grow our platform to millions of connected devices by end of 2023.

We sell a technical product to folks solving problems in the real world. For example, many of our customers need to unlock doors for self-check-in at Airbnb/hotels (Enso, Sonder...etc) or deliveries (Instacart-like). You will communicate to various technical and non-technical stakeholders across an organization. You will implement onboarding flows that guide engineers through integration steps. We will pair you with best-in-class resources such as our investors to ensure your success.

How to Apply

Email hiring@seam.co. Feel free to send a Github, personal site, a simple resume, or even some ideas on how you think you can nail this. We always respond!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Grow customer base to thousands of developers and millions of devices.
  2. Establish a process to demo, onboard, and support new customers.
  3. Guide our self-serve account implementation.
  4. Create and onboard our fortune 500 accounts

About You

  • Fast.
  • Insanely resourceful. Do whatever it takes.
  • Organized and able to lead.
  • You've done sales before.


  • Understands APIs & developer mindset + open-source community
  • Can use Insomnia/postman (OR LEARN!)
  • Ideally, can do very basic coding