| Last Updated: February 9, 2022
Head of Marketing



We are hiring a head of OEM business development. This role will require developing relationship and partnerships with dozens of different device manufacturer/brands, with the goal of securing direct integrations with their products. These will require commercial agreements and revenue share.

How to Apply

Email hiring@seam.co. Feel free to send a Github, personal site, a resume, or even some ideas on how you think you can nail this. We always respond!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Build relationship and direct integrations with leading brands, and structure commercial agreements.
  2. Create a program for OEM inbound to be integrated into our platform.
  3. Develop a "Works with Seam" program to certify devices.

About You

  • Fast. With a bias for action over perfection.
  • Strong interpersonal and analytical skills.
  • Persistent and insanely resourceful.